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Oct. 1st, 2006


For ineffablefandom

October: Choice D, Costume/Mask

First of all, costumes are just dumb and what lame ass thought up masks?

I mean seriously, have you seen “superheroes” these days?

It’s just plain pathetic, I mean I know Magneto wears a cape and shit but you don’t see him gallivanting around in full blown leather attire unlike a certain team of crime fighting heroes I could mention.

Plus there’s this whole, we wear the same thing so we’re together, a team, yay defeat the bad guys bullshit they’ve got going on. Not that I’m not a team player or anything like that but I don’t think you need to dress the same to think the same.

I was never good at making nice with the other children in school, team sports with the dumbass uniforms? Never my thing. It’s like you’re putting a big giant X on your forehead and asking someone to hit you.

If you’ve got a point to prove, something to fight for, something you think is worth dying for? You don’t hide behind a costume or a mask.

Muse: John Allerdyce (Pyro)
Fandom: X-Men Movieverse
Word Count: 175

Sep. 7th, 2006


For ineffablefandom

September: Choice D, Outcast

The word tends to go hand in hand with being a mutant but John’s always been an outcast, long before his X-Gene manifested itself and he found himself with the ability to control flames.

He was a social misfit, his parents were never rich enough for him to afford the cool clothes and after watching the so called in crowd John had made a decision from a really young age that he never wanted to fit.

John was different, excluded and the subject of bullying but he wasn’t the sort to take anything from anyone, dumb ass jocks included so he always went home black and blue. He must have been a sucker for punishment because he just kept going back to school, using the latest split lip to sneer at all those that thought themselves better.

He’d always known he’d shown them the error of their ways, had always known that one of these days revenge would be sweet. Turns out the outcast was right because the gene kicked in and the school went up, sometimes if he closes his eyes he can still hear the screams.

From that day onwards, he was called a mutant and regarded with fear and hatred. His loving parents shipped him off and even in a school full of mutants he was an outcast. Pyro was just never meant to fit in, least that’s what he always thought.

Everything changed when he met Magneto and he saw the power and the potential. He could be anything and do everything he’d ever wanted. Magneto wouldn’t lecture him and he saw John as a ‘God among insects’.

He made a choice and he chose to side with the Brotherhood. John left behind the X-Men and the two people that he might have called friend but in reality he was nothing more than a third wheel to their doomed relationship.

The only thought that had been running through his mind as that helicopter had lifted away from the frosted ground of Alkali Lake was simple and rebellious in nature.

Fuck society, it wasn’t like it had ever done anything spectacular for him.

Muse: John Allerdyce (Pyro)
Fandom: X-Men Movieverse
Word Count: 356

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