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21C: "Sway"

His entire life has been a dance, a desperate attempt to keep one step ahead or catch up because he’d already fallen five behind.

The most intricate dance of all is the one he performs when he’s a student at the Xavier’s institute. He learns to curb his more destructive ways, learns how to be a good room-mate (even if his side of the room is always messier) and he has friends.

It’s all a lie; a brilliant piece of performance art and John reckons if his parents gave a damn they might actually be proud of him. The only thing about a lie? It can only last so long and John’s never been real good at staying where he’s clearly not wanted, needed, or appreciated.

So when he gets the chance to leave, he takes hold of it with both hands. Not like Bobby cares or even wants him around, hasn’t given a shit since he got together with Rogue. Magneto’s offering him something better, a chance to do something and be someone.

It’s the one thing he’s always wanted: to be someone and to explore his power.

Xavier never let him, too scared of what he could do, but Magneto? He lets John use his power however he damn well wants and for the first time in his life since starting the dance John’s free, free in a way he’s never been before.

Pyro’s a reed blowing in the breeze, liable to sway whichever way the wind is blowing just as long as it works out better for him.

Muse: John Allerdyce (Pyro)
Fandom: X-Men Movieverse
Word Count: 261



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