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December: Choice A, Silence

When he was younger John used to welcome the silence, it meant his folks had stopped fighting and maybe things were okay again and it meant he didn’t have to hear the anger in their voices.

People say that when you’re a child you can’t remember things like that but obviously they’ve never been a child trapped between two parents unhappy but completely unable to do anything about it because of circumstance and fear.

When he was in regular school with other kids supposedly like him, silence usually came after they’d had their fill of making him feel like shit. Only so many times a kid could punch you before the cries stopped coming and all that was left was dry heaving. They left him alone after that, not for long, but it was usually long enough.

During the time he was a student at Xavier’s, the silence usually meant that curfew was up and lights were out and there was nothing more you could do without fear of reprimand and consequence. Not that he’d ever let that stop him. He’d even persuaded Bobby to break the rules once or twice but the instances had been rare.

Over time, silence had become his escape because one wrong word and the weight of Xavier and his X-Men came down on him like a ton of bricks, righting his wrongs and making him feel like every thought and feeling was of no consequence. It was their way or the high way.

He’d grown tired of watching humanity trample all over mutants without anyone saying or doing anything and tired of being treated like a child. Magneto had offered him a chance and he’d taken it with both hands.

After Alkali Lake, the silence had taken on a whole new meaning. It was no longer a reprieve or escape; it was simply the quiet before the storm. The silence was always what came first and everything else followed second. For better or for worse.

Muse: John Allerdyce (Pyro)
Fandom: X-Men Movieverse
Word Count: 331



January 2010

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